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Roughlee CE Primary School

Hello Yellow Day, Parents' Evening, Christmas Fair (8th Dec)...

What a fantastic first half term we’ve had! By the time you’re reading this, our children should have had a lovely week off school and be back in ready to start Autumn Term 2 and preparing for lots of Christmas fun.

At the beginning of this month, we all took part in Hello Yellow Day. Our children came to school dressed in yellow and explored a wide range of activities focused on developing their emotional wellbeing and a positive mind-set. The children enjoyed learning about the importance of positive mental health and the importance of talking to someone if they are feeling sad or anxious. At Roughlee, we constantly teach our children that the most precious gift we can give someone is our time. Throughout the year, school will continue to focus on developing the children’s mental health and wellbeing within their curriculum and throughout all aspects of school life.

We also held our first Parents’ Evening of the academic year this month. Parents/carers were invited into school to meet with their child/ren’s teachers to discuss all their children’s achievements so far and their targets for this year. It was wonderful to see so many happy children and parents.

On Friday 8th December, we are holding our Christmas Fair, which of course, you are all invited to. We are currently on with planning and organising – we’re looking for raffle prizes and anybody that wishes to hold a stall. If you could help us, please contact bursar@roughlee.lancs.sch.uk.

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